Treatment Zones

A planned treatment course, which is a pre-set algorithm aimed
at stimulating the body to deploy its own healing mechanisms,
consists of ‘General’, ‘Local’ and ‘Additional Zones’. Local Zones
are the surface projections of affected organs where the
primary signs are observed. Treatment of the Local Zones
restores any disruptions between the affected organ and the body’s regulatory systems.
General Zones influence the regulation centres and aid in achieving the shortest path to homeostasis. Treating the General Zones in any complaint or condition usually achieves a
good result hence these zones are treated in every session of
the treatment course. The General Zones include the spinal
pathways (the 3 Pathways and 6 Points), the neck and shoulder
area (the collar zone), the abdomen and the ‘
Palm’ (gynaecological zone). Additional Zones are those
responsible for the function of major blood vessels, lymph nodes
the liver, adrenal glands, ovaries, scrotum, tongue, ears and
immune system sensitive zones.

For patients who have numerous health complaints, the
treatment begins with SCENAR treatment of General Zones
and then progresses to Local Zones where primary areas are
treated as well as any secondary effects of these areas. If pain
is localized to a single area then treatment starts at the
Local Zone followed by General Zones and then Additional zones.

Further treatment can be performed on the area of pain after the
initial treatment. This can take place up to several times per day
(with a minimum of two hours between each session),
particularly if new complaints arise

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