Principles of Scenar

SCENAR therapy can be applied to the point of pain (POP) with sticky pads applied onto the skin. However in most treatments, the SCENAR device is moved across the skin
of the patient.

The use of SCENAR is governed by the primary and secondary signs of the patient’s body. The primary signs refer to the patient’s complaints or discomforts. These can include pain, swelling and loss of sensation. Other primary signs are wounds, rashes, ulcers, scars and discoloration observed on the skin prior to SCENAR treatment.
The secondary signs are observations made during treatment. They are the patient’s scenar graph pretoriaresponse to treatment and can indicate the areas that are most sensitive to SCENAR

Such effects can be any localized changes takingplace during or immediately following treatment. These effects can be observed in the area directly being treated or in other areas of the body. Secondary signs can also be observed emanating directly from the device or as a result of contact with the patient and can include the appearance (or disappearance) of a humming sound, the presence of ‘stickiness’, or smoother movement of the electrode over the skin. This means that these zones may require a longer treatment time.

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