Individually Dosed Influence

SCENAR can be used regardless of the type of diagnosis and is therefore a non-specific approach which, however,depends highly on the ability and the speed of the
patient’s body to react to the SCENAR signal.
As mentioned before the device measures the skin impedance and its changes in regular intervals, which is displayed on the LCD screen (as the IR or ‘initial reaction’). The device also calculates the estimated total impedance change at the area under the electrode.

When a certain percentage of the total impedance change is achieved the device indicates

that with an audible ‘dose signal’ and a reading on the LCD screen.
The time of reaching a ‘dose’ can be between a few seconds up to 15 minutes – depending on how well the patient reacts to the SCENAR signal.

However, it must be noted that the optimum therapeutic results are always
dependent upon the body’s response and is therefore individual to each patient [xiii]. As the SCENAR device monitors and evaluates treatment results, it independently delivers the correct impulse without the possibility of overdosing and hence causing little or no
side effects.

Clinical experience with this device has further indicated that the optimal therapeutic effect is achieved when there is a maximal variability of the impulse during.

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