Active Feedback

The most unique characteristic of SCENAR is that it can induce changes in the parameters of its impulse automatically and in accordance with the body’s response to the device.
While conventional therapeutic devices are passive, SCENAR involves active reflex biofeedback, which means that the device communicates actively with the processes that are happening in the body. The SCENAR device does this by monitoring the skin’s
impedance and then changes the electrical impulse it emits accordingly. Therefore active reflex biofeedback means that maximal therapeutic effectiveness can be achieved.


The characteristics of the SCENAR impulse are such that the probability of excitation of the thin neuropeptide-secreting neural fibres is higher than conventional methods of electrotherapy. SCENAR enables a maximal part of the nervous tissue to be
activated – especially the small nociceptive fibres which have a higher threshold of excitation[vii]. This is necessary for the achievement of an optimal response from the patient’s body with regard to the neuropeptide release. Furthermore, SCENAR is a
system of monitoring and response. The body creates electromagnetic and acoustic fields[viii]. In a pathological state these fields are modified. It is these signals that are detected by SCENAR and are used to form the therapeutic impulses.
SCENAR therefore enables a unique interaction between device and the patient’s body.

The electrical signals generated by the SCENAR device are similar in form to the body’s own endogenous neurological impulses[ix]. In this way the body does not recognize them as foreign or invasive, therefore negative side effects as a result of the therapy are rare. And the high initial impulse stimulates neuropeptide release from C-fibres more easily than low amplitude stimulation.

An important and unique characteristic of SCENAR is that it is independent of any other devices. It is physically controlled by a trained practitioner who observes the treatment process and ensures the device’s function [xii].In this way the patient,
the device and the practitioner create a ‘treatment triangle’.
This treatment triangle is essential for correcting the disturbed function of the body and for modifying the adaptive reactions of the body, resulting in the restoration of homeostasis.
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